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Search engines like Google ¤ Altavista and AlltheWeb search the Internet and find your web site through links from other web sites. This is another reason to build a strong network of relevant... quality sites that link to yours.

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You can also submit your site free... when you add your url to a search engine requesting to be indexed. Below is an easy one stop search engines list of some of the top search engines where you can submit your site free.

If your web site is linked to from other sites there may be no need to submit. If your web site has no links... use the submit site free pages here only once... then check your listing in 45 to 60 days. CAUTION: submitting again before 45 days will not help and may hurt your ranking chances if considered abuse by the search engine.

Software that automatically submits your web site should be avoided. Only submit manually to the top search engines... that is where 80 to 90% of your traffic normally comes from.

Have you seen Google™ Trends yet? Let's you compare traffic of different keyword phrases.

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Live Search and MSN Search are now BING on 05/31/09
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