Internet keyword research and search engine marketing services in Cleveland, Ohio area
who improves your search engine rankings and increases your targeted web site traffic.

Getting clients first page search results for over 14 years.


Q. Why no BIG Fancy web site like those other guys?

A. Fair question :-) My search engine marketing services and success have grown quickly through word of mouth and referrals... to this point I have not needed a larger web presence.

"Clients come first" is the motto here and they keep me pretty busy... so much so that I only take on as many clients as I can give full attention to.

Q. Who do you work with?

A. Business owners, marketing managers and many web designers alike. Web designers use my services to compliment their work and it lets them offer proven search engine optimization techniques to their list of clients.

Have you seen the light bulb come on lately and realize that you need better search engine rankings? Want to drive more free targeted traffic to your web site? You are welcome to contact me to see if I am taking any new clients at this time.

From the largest database driven corporate web site to your local small business e-commerce web site, all can be helped and the best time to start is now.

Q. How do you work?

A. It's very easy to get started simply send an e-mail and I will respond promptly with the possibilities for your web site.

But Jan, I can't wait? OK I've heard that before :) call now 440-365-8034 and in an enthusiastic voice say "Hey Jan... I want to move up". You will soon be on your way to better search engine rankings and increased profits.