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How-To use a search engines robots.txt file

The robots.txt file is a must for your web site. The search engine robots / web crawlers / spiders come looking for this file, and when the robot doesn't find it, he's not a happy spider crawling your site. :-)

example of missing robots.txt file
If you don't have it a 404 error will show up in your logs, as a page not found, a situation you can easily avoid.

Inviting the search engine robots into your site

To ALLOW ALL robots complete access simply copy & paste this code into notepad and save as:

User-agent: *

To EXCLUDE ALL robots from the entire server simply paste this code into notepad and save as

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

NOTE: the robots.txt file Must be on the root level, as shown in the sample urls above. Then you can go check it with a validator like one of these.

robots.txt validator

1. robots.txt syntax checker

Jan, I gotta have more, Ok, ok

HTML Author's Guide to the Robots META tag

What to put into the robots.txt file

There is also a tag you can put into your <head>
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow"> Some question whether this tag has any value, but can't hurt you. There is also a noindex,nofollow or variations of the two.

All robots are welcome to include this page in search services.

This page may not be indexed by a search service.

Robots are welcome to follow links from this page to find other pages.

Robots are not to follow links from this page.

use a robots.txt file and get found

The robots exclusion standard or robots.txt protocol is a convention to prevent cooperating web spiders and other web robots from accessing all or part of a website. *ref: robots.txt definition found on Wikipedia